Ace Electronic Security Systems was founded back in 1979, offering simple burglar alarm system as well as a sub-contractor for Chubb Fire & Security. It offers Security/Burglar Alarm Systems for home and retail shop. In 1993, in order to expand its business to include CCTV, Public Address and Automation System, it was incorporated as ‘Ace Electronic Systems Pte Ltd. Since then it has many major customers in banking, corporate offices, manufacturing, supply chain, retails and healthcare. Over the last 15 years it has build-up partnership with 2 internationally reputable Polish companies, ROGER Company and SATEL System to market their security products.

ROGER specialize in design and manufacturing of Professional Security & Access Control products. Its products are divided into Standalone, RACS 4 and RACS 5.

RACS 4 – Roger Access Control System 4, is a group of products for building up network access control system with PR-Master Access Control Software. It can be integrated with CCTV. We have been offering RACS 4 system since for more than 15 years. In 2016, Roger began developing the advanced RACS 5. RACS 5 is a Scalable Access Control, Security and Automation System using VISO Software. 

SATEL is in Intrusion Alarm System and include products such Alarm Control Panels, Detectors, Wireless Alarm and KNX devices for home/automation.

Besides, we also partner with local distributor of HID, Suprema, HIKVision, Dahua, ZKTeco in offering of these popular Access Control and Video Surveillance System.

We also offer SATEL GPRS-A LTE and ETHM-A Universal Monitoring Module. These products can be used for monitoring and control of Environmental Monitoring System. It employs IOT technologies and support Modbus RTU, JSON and MQTT protocol. It can be used to build multiple remote site of sensors input and output to trigger devices (siren, light, heater, pump) and monitored by central visualization software.

Electronic Physical Security System has advanced tremendously since we start our business in 1979. It encompasses Electronic, Mechanical, Electrical, Computer hardware/software and networking, Internet, etcs. It involves multi-disciplinaries fields.

ACETRONS, our domain name is short form of our company name. It is derived from certain elements the name ACE ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS.

ACE stand for Advance, Caring and Excellence. These are the three core values in which we conduct our business.

Our mission is To provide ‘value added’ Electronic Physical Security, Home/Building Automation and Environmental Monitoring Products/Systems, Services and Solutions by using Advanced products and supported by Caring and Excellent services

Our Vision is become The Preferred Electronic Physical Security, Home/Building Automation and Environmental Monitoring Solutions Provider.